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What is Breathwork

The primary principle of modern breathwork, is to find energy and healing from within through the use of controlled breathing techniques rather than the use of synthetic drugs or medications.  Sometimes breathwork is used as a stand alone session and at other times it can complement a coaching session.  The breathwork method I work with most often is simple, powerful and often transformational.  The circular breathing rhythm that comes from the holotropic family is coupled with resonant sound and music that will transport you out of the distractions in your head and into a kind of active meditation, leaving you relaxed and empowered.

Every experience is unique and each time you can be sure to receive what your body needs.   Controlled breathing teaches our sympathetic nervous system in the brain to switch off its “fight or flight” response and instead activate the “rest and digest”  parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to be less reactive and better able to cope with daily life. All forms of breathwork share one thing in common…they control the breath in order to bring transformation.

Every session is conducted in a safe and calm environment where together we can figure out the intention or focus that is particular to you at that exact moment in your life.  This intention or reason for trying breathwork could be different every time or it might be informed by an ongoing challenge you are facing.

I will guide you through a set of visual images, encourage you to notice sensations and recall memories and then “let you go” …as your attention is initially forced to focus on breathing, all other stresses and anxiety begin to melt away.

Images or clarification may appear to you, occasionally inducing feelings of contentedness or sensations of deep emotion.

How does Breathwork work

Breathwork works by utilizing controlled breathing techniques to tap into your body’s innate healing capabilities. By engaging in a circular breathing rhythm, often accompanied by resonant sound and music, you enter a state of active meditation that helps you to relax and feel empowered. This process helps to shift the nervous system from its “fight or flight” mode to the “rest and digest” mode, promoting a calmer and more balanced state of mind. During a breathwork session, I will helps you to set an intention or focus, which could be related to a specific challenge you are facing or simply a desire for personal growth. The session takes place in a safe and calm environment, where you will be guided through a series of visualizations and encouraged to pay attention to sensations and memories. As you focus on your breathing, your attention is drawn inwards and away from stress and anxiety, towards a deeper connection to their inner self. Throughout the process, you may experience various images, insights, or emotions, which can lead to transformative shifts in perspective and overall well-being. By regularly practicing breathwork, you can develop greater resilience and adaptability in daily life, making it a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

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Other Service


My life coaching services empower you to navigate life’s challenges while moving forward in your personal and professional life with more confidence and fulfillment.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy utilizes the therapeutic properties of sound and vibration to promote relaxation, healing, and overall well-being.

What my clients say

Jeremy G.

I recently had the privilege of attending a group breathwork session with Anna and it was nothing short of phenomenal. Anna's intuitive guidance and deep understanding of the practice created a safe, supportive environment and from the moment I stepped into the session, Anna's warm presence and empathetic approach put me at ease. She carefully explained the process and provided insightful tips to ensure I was able to make the most of my experience.

Trisha H.

Quite simply - Anna is a fixer! She sorted me out. I love her peaceful energy and the way she confidently steered me towards making real changes in my life. I can't thank you enough.

Adam P.

Anna is wonderful. I recommend her services as enthusiastically as possible. She is kind and deeply compassionate, and her curiosity leads to her asking interesting and important questions, as well as to her constantly learning about new tools and techniques that help others heal, grow, and thrive. Whether for coaching, breathwork, sound healing, or whatever else she decides to offer in the future, you would be doing yourself a huge favor finding yourself in her presence.

Marko B.

Great experience! I already did two breathwork sessions with Anna and it revealed to me so many things. It let’s me relax and focus on the imports questions. You need to try it yourself!!!

Elena P.

I haven't cried that much in years! But then somehow I left your place feeling lighter and happier and ready for a change. Thank you!

My offer

Flexible Online or In-Person Sessions

In today’s fast-paced world, finding tailored coaching experiences that cater to individual needs is essential. That’s why I offer flexible online and in-person coaching sessions to suit your preferences and schedule. These personalized sessions provide focused attention to help you explore sound and breathwork in a comfortable setting.

Group coaching

It can be especially powerful to experience sound and breathwork within the context of a group.  There is more and more need to find ways to connect with others in our community and so I regularly facilitate group sessions when I have time. Dates are listed here on my website or posted on my social media.

For Companies

Please reach out to learn more about hosting large events or encorporating breath or sound into your next corporate workshop.  This can be a powerful way to build up teams and encourage vulnerability.

Enough talk, get your first coaching lesson for free!