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Integration Therapy

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What is Integration Therapy?

Integration therapy is the process of helping an individual incorporate the insights, changes, or experiences gained from therapeutic sessions into their everyday life. After a profound breathwork session, psychedelic experience or deep sound therapy session, individuals might have new insights or emotional experiences that surface. Integration therapy would then be the process of understanding and applying these experiences in a practical and beneficial way in daily life.

How does Integration Therapy work

Integration therapy provides a structured way for individuals to make sense of experiences or insights gain within a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This could involve developing new habits, changing thought patterns, or applying new strategies for managing stress. Breathwork and other modalities were so powerful in my own life but I realized quickly that the real power lay in its combination with skillful integration. Integration refers to the processing of experiences, the gleaning of particular meanings and then the weaving of that meaning into your life in a way that makes most sense to you. The goal is to ensure that the insights gained are not just fleeting, but lead to lasting positive changes your life.

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Other Service


Breathwork is a transformative practice that harnesses the power of conscious breathing to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


My life coaching services empower you to navigate life’s challenges while moving forward in your personal and professional life with more confidence and fulfillment.

What my clients say

Jeremy G.

I recently had the privilege of attending a group breathwork session with Anna and it was nothing short of phenomenal. Anna's intuitive guidance and deep understanding of the practice created a safe, supportive environment and from the moment I stepped into the session, Anna's warm presence and empathetic approach put me at ease. She carefully explained the process and provided insightful tips to ensure I was able to make the most of my experience.

Trisha H.

Quite simply - Anna is a fixer! She sorted me out. I love her peaceful energy and the way she confidently steered me towards making real changes in my life. I can't thank you enough.

Adam P.

Anna is wonderful. I recommend her services as enthusiastically as possible. She is kind and deeply compassionate, and her curiosity leads to her asking interesting and important questions, as well as to her constantly learning about new tools and techniques that help others heal, grow, and thrive. Whether for coaching, breathwork, sound healing, or whatever else she decides to offer in the future, you would be doing yourself a huge favor finding yourself in her presence.

Marko B.

Great experience! I already did two breathwork sessions with Anna and it revealed to me so many things. It let’s me relax and focus on the imports questions. You need to try it yourself!!!

Elena P.

I haven't cried that much in years! But then somehow I left your place feeling lighter and happier and ready for a change. Thank you!

My offer

Flexible Online or In-Person Sessions

In today’s fast-paced world, finding tailored coaching experiences that cater to individual needs is essential. That’s why I offer flexible online and in-person coaching sessions to suit your preferences and schedule. These personalized sessions provide focused attention to help you explore sound and breathwork in a comfortable setting.

Group coaching

It can be especially powerful to experience sound and breathwork within the context of a group.  There is more and more need to find ways to connect with others in our community and so I regularly facilitate group sessions when I have time. Dates are listed here on my website or posted on my social media.

For Companies

Please reach out to learn more about hosting large events or encorporating breath or sound into your next corporate workshop.  This can be a powerful way to build up teams and encourage vulnerability.

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